White Folks Don’t Give a Fuck, So Stop Trying to Convince Them To.

The White masses really don’t give a fuck when the police murder Black people, as long as they contain what the White majority perceive as “Black problems” in the poor Black areas of their cities and suburbs, they will give the police all the funding and support they need to oppress us and commit atrocities against us.

What they fail to understand is that all the so-called “Black problems” are magnified in White communities, from drug abuse, to violence, yes; even violence; it’s just that Whites have the resources and social standing to cover over their shit, and since their is no ongoing Propaganda campaign to paint the White race as problematic and sub-human; their issues are portrayed as individual failings, and not indicative of the entire Race, like when Black individuals commit violent or heinous crimes.

What’s worst than the White’s ongoing effort to portray Blacks as problematic and sub-human, while they impose substandard housing, eduction, and economic conditions on our communities is that fact that Blacks are just as, if not more susceptible to that Propaganda than the White majority.

So appealing to the White majority for understanding and justice is essentially a loss cause, we do better to educate and de-indoctrinate our own communities, and seeking Pan-African solidarity, and to unite our struggles with the struggles of Africans all over the world.