Ever considered an international move? If so, where and why.

Shit, every damn day, I really do. 

Kenya, Nigeria, Gambia, or Ghana; because the muthafucking bastards that enslaved my ancestors colonized those lands, so we speak the same languages…for the most part. 

But here’s my issue with Black self-repatriation to Africa; too Black people from the US return to Africa as ‘saviors,’ or as refugees fleeing Racism; and I’m not down with either of those positions.

Africans don’t need their Brothers and Sisters from the West to save them, and it’s not right to flee to Africa because the Struggle should continue no matter where you find yourself.

I stay here because I think I can make the best contribution to the Pan-African Liberation Struggle here, in this time; and I think every African needs to determine how best to make a contribution to the just aspirations of our people no matter where they are.  If the opportunity arises that I could move and make the same or a greater contribution, I’d seriously conciser it, but I have no illusions about the Motherland, the Caribbean, or anywhere else I might go, because this System is Global that I’m struggling against, and I intend to struggle against it no matter where I find myself.