“In a Democracy, Minority Means Loser.”

This is democracy in America; there were 3 votes against lynching and several dozen in favor of it. Lynch Mobs are as democratic as you can get.

In democracy; minority means loser. In the U.S. we have a Black population who both; support voting and democracy, and self-identify as minorities. What’s the hell! You will never win, you will always suffer atrocities and injustice, you will be voting, protesting, marching, and praying for another 300 years; without any measurable progress at this rate.

Two Solutions:
1. If you really love democracy, then join the Global African Community, make their interest and agenda your own. In that way you become a global majority instead of a national minority. Then you can rightfully assert your international rights and contribute to the betterment of your people on a global scale. You need an African World View and an African Social Theory to pull this off and to crate a functional plan of action.
2. Unify the African vote, use it as a political tool to coerce either party into accepting a pre-written agenda into their overall platform. Be willing to sanction and abandon any Party that refuses to accept the National African Agenda, or back-out on their agreement to carry it out.