What are your thoughts on Muammar al-Gaddafi from a Pan-Africanist perspective?

Qaddafi was an opportunist, but a sincere opportunist; if such a creature is possible. He started off as a Libyan Nationalist, then he graduated to Pan-Arabism; and after he was rejected by the other Arab dictators and oligarchs (who sold out to the West for Oil Money), he eventually settled on Pan-Africanism (controlled by a Northern, Arab Occupied, African Nation).  Based on my research and observation, he was truly committed in all of his political manifestations.

It’s ironic, for centuries, Africa has been plagued by Arabized Africans, putting Islam over African culture and interest, and the one time (in recent history) we get an Africanized Arab who put Africa’s interest over Arab (allied with Western) interest, an African of the Diaspora (leading Western and Arab forces) had him assassinated.  We truly live in an insane, up side down world.

I think, even though his Pan-Africanism was tainted, that he would have been a useful, if not temporary ally for the larger Pan-African cause, had not Obama had his regime toppled and him murdered before the global media.  But that’s all speculation now, ain’t it?