Capitilism Requires Slavery…

Capitalism requires slavery; you have no capitalism without slavery. All of us in the US are beneficiaries of slavery or we are slaves; you may not own any salves, but you (here in the US) profit and benefit from slavery. If you are generating prophet for someone else, and must sell your labor to live; you are a slave!

Look a the labels on your clothing, look at the jewelry on your neck, the diamonds in your rings and watches. Turn over your computers and open the backs of your cell phones. Research the where the various parts of your vehicles are manufactured. Find out where all the electronics you dispose of every year end up. Find our where your tax dollars really go; hell, I’ll tell you: the Pentagon. Find out who those bullets and missiles, you pay for, are aimed at. Got to your church, see where the wood in your pews was sourced from, where the fucking drum set and organ were made. Look at the labels on those ugly choir robes and see where they were made. We consume the blood of slaves everyday, even we who are wage slaves consume the blood of chattel and sweatshop slaves.

If you are not in open revolt against this system. If you don’t commit your talents and resources to social transformation; you are a slave master, a slave hunter, a slave exploiter! All the prayer, friendliness in the world does not excuse you. If you are not a Revolutionary, if you are not organizing in the streets; don’t tell me about your god, your prophet, or the good words in your dusty holy books. The condition of the world compels good men and women to action, they only way to be a good and decent person is to be in open revolt.