I sometimes wonder….

What were our ancestors in Egypt were preoccupied with on the eve of the Greek/Roman/Arab onslaught of their lands and the disintegration of their Empire?

What the Great African nations were doing at the moment the first Trade/Slave/Battle Ships were leaving the manufacturing docks and pulled into the Bays in Europe? What was the primary preoccupation of the average African citizen of those nations?

We know what the Romans were doing as their Empire crumbled, we know what the German Citizens were doing as the Nazi Forces were pushed back and Allied Bombers were on their way to drop bombs on civilian targets throughout Germany, and I see with my own eyes what citizens of the Global Empire of the United States do with their time, and what preoccupies their minds as they stand on the verge of Economic and Ecological Collapse, and as racial/ethnic/regional conflicts brew in the back ground awaiting some event to break out into a total slaughter of racial and cultural minorities.

I know somethings bout per-colonial African culture and practices, but I wonder if they saw what was on the horizon, was coming collapse as obvious as it is today, but still unseen by the masses who refuse to see.

Were there Africans telling our ancestors: “hey yall, we need to put more resources into coastal defense, we need to decapitate these White explores and missionaries, we need to prepare for War or accept the destruction of our Civilizations.” Were these African ancestors mocked and ignored like the Africans today who try to warn the African masses of what is to come.

(To be honest, I do know what our Ancestors were doing on the eve of attack, collapse, and other catastrophes; our African-Centered scholars did a thorough job of fleshing it out, the tragedy here is that their response to impending disaster is not much different than ours is today, except it is even more clear what is coming in our era and we are even more locked into denial, and even more unwilling to prepare.

Our ancestors (for the most part) ignored those who exposed the unpopular truths, they prayed to Gods who didn’t hear them or act on their behalf, they tried unsuccessfully to compromise and negotiate with an enemy bent on their total enslavement or destruction, the supported cowardly and incompetent leaders that fed them empty promise, they wore fine clothing and jewellery, danced, and partied until the fatal blow was struck by their/our enemies. I have not doubt that they were even enjoying the latest gossip about the behavior of the wayward children of the Royal Family or the Tribal Elders.)

We don’t honor our ancestors by repeating their (worst) mistakes