what kind of music you listen to?

My main music is Conscious Hip Hop, mainly from the 80s, early and mid 90s.
Some of favorite MCs are:

  1. KRS-ONE (BDP)
  2. Wise Intelligent (PRT)
  3. Boots (The Coup)
  4. Jeru the Damaja
  5. Brother J (X Clan)
  6. Skip Coon
  7. Dead Prez

There are plenty of others, but if you go by what’s played in my car and around the house, those are the primary artist right now.

I also love Conscious Reggae (esp. Sizzla, before he lost his damn mind).

Afro-Beat (mainly Fela Kuti and Seun Kuti).

Black Rock (Fishbone, 25/7 Spyz, Rage Against the Machine, Bad Brains, etc).

Gil Scot-Heron, I got all his shit!  Gil is the true Godfather of Hip Hop in my point of view.

I don’t know if this counts but I also have a collection of hundreds if not thousands of recorded lectures, interviews, and speeches by Black Revolutionaries and Scholars on CD that I listen to, they used to be on cassette, but I had to convert them to CD.  I don’t really roll with Mp3s tho, I like having my hard copies.