Elite Agendas & the Fate of the African in America.

As Greedy, Evil, and Destructive as the American Elite are, one thing you cannot call them is stupid. These people plan ahead for the long term. They see what’s coming long before the masses and they work diligently to keep us blind and focused on day-to-day survival, and unfocused on long-term trends and the control of institutions that drive society.

Long before the end of the American Civil War, and the Emancipation Proclamation; the US Elite of the North had already struck a deal with the Plantation Elite of the South to sell Blacks out, and drive them into the new form of Slavery: Jim Crow, Black Codes, and Sharecroppers Debt Peonage. We only heard the pretty speeches and believed the promises of a New Day.

Long before the end of The Civil Rights Movement the US Political and Corporate Elite already knew that they had intended on deregulating the financial industries, de-industrializing the US economy, and reverting to a serviced based professional economy; thus eliminating millions of skilled and unskilled jobs that the Black community depended on. They were also laying the ground work for mass incarceration and the Drug War before they implemented the COINTELPRO program that killed Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, and destroyed our most effective organizations. All the while we were celebrating the superficial opportunity of getting a foot into White schools and good jobs through transient Affirmative Action programs. As they planned and worked, we were getting high on the empty symbolism of Black Faces in High Places (as we still are).

Today, the Elite understand what is coming; from massive Climate Distribution, to Peak Oil (and other vital resources), to the ultimate fall of the US Empire. They know that there will be massive internal strife, many more massive destructive storms, and unpredictable weather patterns causing crops to fail, higher unemployment levels, shortages of everything from heating oil to basic food stocks. They know that these calamities will hit the Black communities first, then the poor overall, but eventually the White middle-class and upper middle-class will be affected. This middle-class White Majority is well armed, ignorant of the nature of this system, ignorant (thanks to Fox News, and corporate propaganda in general) of the emerging social and climate trends, and they are volatile, extremely volatile.

The Elite are setting the Black community up as the scapegoats for all of that goes wrong in the US in the coming decades, they already successfully pinned aspects of the Housing Collapse on the Blacks not paying their bills and exploiting housing programs. The media are painting Blacks and our communities as drug, violence, and diseased infested blights on America. They are promoting Jay Z, Lil Wayne; and other Minstrels are vectors for the moral decay of America; these “artist” are participating in a global Anti-Black smear campaign, selling us all out for personal riches.

They are passing more and more ‘Stand Your Ground (on Land that Your Ancestors Stole) Laws,’ along with concealed carry laws all over the nation. I won’t even get into the military grade weapons and and civilian drone technology coming into play. There are also hundreds of local, state, and federal laws that allow the government to do essential whatever the hell it wants to do to any of us, from allowing an obvious child killer walk the streets again, to arresting an individual for having a position contrary to the government’s.

When we experience outlandish events like the Zimmerman Verdict, and such a callous disregard for justice; try to see what’s being set up. Look at what’s being communicated to the Black Community, but also what message is being sent to the larger society, and the world as a whole.

Eventually, just as in WWI, WWII, and many other smaller conflicts; the Elites will begin to target each other, but up to that point, we are in the cross-hairs of them all. We will either forge our own agenda and push it forward, or we will continue to be the abused and sacrificial pawns of other more organized and determined interest.