Are you a communist?

No; but there’s an old saying, from the cold war era that states; “a communist is just a socialist in a hurry,” so in that sense I may have a taint of communism on my efforts cause I want the Revolution sooner than later. LoL!

Ideologically I’m a Revolutionary Pan-Africanist, economically I advocate for Scientific Socialism, and African has Socialism long before Marx, African Socialism even predates Europe.  #UMBUTU

I am a student of Marx, and I’ve studied communist movements and writers for years.  I think Dialectical and Historical Materialism should be intensely studied, as well as Class Analysis from a Marxist perspective. 

Marx was on some “takes one to know one,” type-shit, and he broke down his culture, his people (White/Western Mentality), and his history so well that I think you can’t fully understand the Systems and Institutions of the West without being versed in Marxist analysis. 

People always assume if you give weight to Marx’s analysis then you agree with his proposed solutions, which is not the case.  I don’t agree with Marx’s solutions….for Black people.  But I think it’s tragic that the masses of Whites have rejected him, he is one of the best and most rational thinkers to emerge from their culture, and they have demonized him and distorted his works; but that’s White folks business, and we only deal with this kinda shit in White History Month, so let’s pick this back up in February 2016.

#MarxWasRight….for Whites.  LoL!