I keep running up against racist propaganda in the form of FBI statistics, can you shed some info I can ascertain to combat such foolishness(not that it’s my job to teach racist, I’d just rather be intellectually armed than unarmed)

 There’s a wonderful little book, not even a book, more like a pamphlet titled “How to Lie With Statistics,” it has a lot of info, clearly explained on how stats ain’t really all that, especially stats about social phenomenon and conditions. 

That book is good if you wanna go tit for tat with Racist about stats and their meaning.  Also, the stats actually demonstrate that Whites have the most guns, commit the most gun and violent crimes, and when you include White collar crime and corruption, Whites are the most criminal population in the US…and the world. 

You can also go to international research bodies and journals which often have better and more balanced statistics about the US than the biased and corrupt FBI, CDC, and other agencies. 

I took Statistics when I was in grad school and I discovered that you can make stats say whatever you want them to say depending on how you formulate the study and you sample population.  You can make Blacks look like criminal predators or oppressed victims with stats if you know how to construct the study and cook the numbers.

But you are on the right about “teaching Racist;” facts don’t matter to Racist, and Dr. Bobby E. Wright told us not to debate Racist because they don’t seek to share or gain the truth, only to have a platform to express their Racism.  I only engage Racist so to expose their Racism, not to inform them, change them, or even to debunk them. 

Our issue is not Racism (individual White people’s ignorance and hostility), our issue is White Dominaiton (the ability for Whites to act on and act out their hostility against non-Whites), and we can’t overthrow White Domination with stats, or by out debating Racist.