Do you consider Australian Aboriginals or those in Papua New Guinea part of the Pan African struggle? Are they even African?

Short Answer:

Yes. No.

Long Answer:

Yes they are part of the Pan-African Struggle, no they are not Africans.

Africa is not simply a place, geography, it’s a culture, a people, a phenotype, a shared or common history.  Africans made Africa.

The landmass we now call Africa is older than Africans, it’s older than African culture and civilizations.  The landmass is older than humanity itself.

When humanoids, and early humans evolved in the landmass we now called Africa there was not African, there was nothing we’d identify as culture; there was instinct, there was early language, there were small family groupings; not nations.  So, the humans that migrated out of the landmass we all now call Africa did not leave Africa because there was not Africa, they were not Africans.  Africans evolved some time after that, African cultures, languages, ideas, mentalities, customs, history, etc. came some time after that.

There’s a popular myth that states that “all people are Africans because humanity originated in Africa.”  But that’s absurd.  All life on earth originated in the oceans, but they don’t make all life forms fish.  This is a dangerous myth because there are many non-Africans and anti-Africans who are using this nonsense to stake their false claims on African lands and resources.  If all humanity is African, then African belongs to all humans; you see how absurd that is?  Before the truth came out about Africa, White Racist scientist promoted the myth that human life, and the Garden of Eden was in Europe, or the Mid-East, and the first humans were White.  Even though Whites pushed that BS, they never stated that “all humans are Europeans.”  Then there as a period of time where Archaeologist asserted that humans evolved in Asia, but you never heard an Asia assert that “all humans are Asians.” All other people put historical, cultural, and protective barriers around their Race, Culture, and Lands; while we do our damnedist to open our shit up to all, even our historical and current enemies.  SMH.

The humanoids and early humans that migrated out of the landmass we now call Africa who migrated to more tropical and Mediterranean areas maintained the concentrated melanin content in their skin; and they maintained what is sometimes called the Tropical or Subtropic Culture and mentality that is similar to African culture in many ways and practices.  Those humanoids and early humans that found themselves in frigid or arctic regions lost the melanin concentration in their skin, and the developed what’s called Western Cultures, or Arctic mentalities, with is very different and often hostile to the tropical mentalities. 

The variations in skin color is only superficial, but the customs, world views, morays, and cultures are very deep, and they evolved along with our superficial phenotypical differences. 

Now, I’m reject genetic determinism, but the interplay of genetics, environment, education, culture, and socialization are the factors that make us who we are, not as individuals, but as a Race, as a People.  But I’m getting a little off topic.

Our Melanated Brothers and Sisters in Asia, the Americas, and Island nations are not Africans, but they are our family, we have common ancestor, but more important, our cultures, our histories, and our plight are kindred. 

We had long standing and peaceful relationships with Melanated peoples across the globe before there was any such thing as Europe or a European.  The Global Economy that the Imperialist love to promote is not new, Africans, Asians, Native Americans, and Islanders had an agricultural and nautical world wide web and global economy before Europe had invented the shoe, or discovered hygiene. 

We don’t need to pretend or force these other people’s to be Africans in order to recognize their humanity, our join them in common cause, because Africans are not a Xenophobic people, we have no issue with the others, we are comfortable enough in our own skin and culture that we are not intimidated by people holding to their own.  It is the Western Mentality that forces conformity, the force you to take their culture, their gods, their economic systems or kill you. 

All Melanated people are not Africans, but we are all family, we are all part of the Pan-African Struggle because Pan-Africanism seeks to liberate the earth, not just Africa.  Pan-Africanism is in solidarity with all oppressed people struggling to free their lands. 

Garvey had UNIA chapters all over South America and Asia, the Haitian Revolution sought the liberation of Natives all over the Caribbean and South America. the Black Panthers united with all anti-colonial struggles.  All of our struggles have been inclusive of all people struggling for justice and against Global White Domination.