Whenever I begin to wonder what the African Elite were doing, and thinking at the time Africa was being surrounded by enemies who were poised to invade, colonize the land, enslave the masses, murder millions, and cause the collapse our entire social, cultural, and economic order; I just take a look at what the Black Elite of the US and African are doing today.

Whenever I begin to wonder how so many Africans were willing to endure the horrors of slavery for over 3 centuries without any ongoing and direct resistance, I simply listen to the excuses Black people give for not opposing mass incarceration, economic exploitation, and the corporate rulers today.

Whenever I wonder about why so many Africans worship Gods imposed on them by their enemies, all I gotta do is walk into any Masque, Temple, Church in the Black community and I will see living history play out before me, the justifications from way back when are the same as now.

Whenever I wonder how we were willing to surrender our land, our sovereignty, our vast natural wealth for trinkets that European merchants brought to Africa shores, I just stroll over to the nearest Black shopping strip in South Chicago and I’ll see the same scenario play out, and the answer will be made clear.

History is never simply in the past, and we Africans have not come as far as we imagine.