What are your thoughts on drug legalization? Are you for or against legalizing drugs?

I’m for legalization of most drugs (with limited regulations), decriminalization of drug addiction, and the treatment of drug addiction as a medical condition.

All drug production, even medical drugs need to be socialized, and all private drug patents abolished.  There should be no profit or speculation in the drug market, and medical treatment should be a human right and available to all.

The War on Drugs needs to be classified as a crime against humanity and all victims of the Drug War need to be compensated, all non-violent drug offenders need immediate release, pardons, and reparations.  Violent drug offenders need to have their cases reviewed and determine if they are also victims of human rights violations in the unjust and unlawful War on Drugs.

Then we need to do a whole buncha other shit to restructure society so that people are not driven to addiction, escapism, and social isolation which drives much addiction and anti-social behaviors.  Healthy and just societies and systems produce healthy and just individuals.

I say all that having never consumed or smoked drugs, not even weed.  I grew up in a community and household afflicted by addiction so I decided I didn’t want any part of drugs or drug culture, but I can relate to those who consume/smoke drugs; for recreation or as a result of addiction. 

(Oh, and I don’t want to have that “weed ain’t no drug” debate; yall potheads get my point, so keep semantics out of it.)