You were wrong about HRC being voted into office. I’m sure you’ve got a lot to say. In 2016 got a guy who can openly run on a white supremacist platform and be elected.

Yep, I called for Heelary.  Heelary did win the election but she was robbed, but that’s just poetic justice because the same tactics she used against Bernie in the Primary were used against her in the national election. (So, technically I wasn’t wrong, I just failed to realize they would steal it from her, I though her corporate ties would protect her.)

Bush lost to Gore and Kerry and used the same Republican election infrastructure to secure the office.  They tried to pull the same trick on Obama but his margins were way to big to flip the election.  

For details on all of this read Greg Palast.

Also, you’ll see that Obama and Heelary were are also “White Supremacist” as well if you understand that White Domination is tired to militarism, capitalism, and corporatism.  Trump just failed to pander to non-Whites