On New Negros & Black-on-Black Violence…

All of you New Negros who are denouncing the whole Black Community, or throwing any other kind of collective shade at Black people as a whole as a result of the Violence; I guess it’s pretty safe to say that you’ve already denounced the US Government, all Multinational Corporations, and all Organized Religions decades ago.


Because you know these formations have a body-count that dwarfs all the gang homicides combined, Right?

So if you follow the custom of denouncing and rejecting sources of violence and violent offenders, then I’m sure you’ve renounced your citizenship, refuse to support any corporations, and have no affiliation with any religions, Right?

Or are you just a Self-Hating, and Self-Rejection New Negro who uses any opportunity to add on to the hate and oppression or Race has to endure from all other Races and ethnicities?

Either way, fucking delete yourself and save me the time, and Fuck You.

PS: I just want to send a general: STFU about the Violence if you don’t have anything intelligent to contribute.

Oh, and if you ask me: “What are you doing?” I’m going to block you.
The only such questions I will entertain on social media are:
“Can you contribute to what I’m doing, which is …….?”
“How can I contribute to what your are doing?”