Diallo’s ‘Control’ Response.

Our capacity to ignore the essential, downplay the relevant, and over-inflate the semi-relevant, and obsess about they completely irrelevant, amazes me. Even after all this time, I’m still amazed by it. Damn.

If I could get just 1% of the energy, time, and money we expended or shit like rap beefs, or celebrity drama! Just 1% of the fake fingernail, and wig money. Just 1% of the time spent watching millionaire Ball Chasers! If I could just transfer 1% of the ‘fucks’ we give about who is the King of New York, to giving a fuck about the global system of oppression we are under; just 1% of all that! Shit, what couldn’t be accomplished.

I’m not anti-entertainment, I’m not anti-pleasure, or even anti-soap opera drama; but damn, can’t we throw some other shit in the mix?

Can we come together to celebrate victories, instead of just parting because it’s the end of the week? Can we debate who has the best plan for Black liberation, and how best to implement the best plan, instead of which Coast produces the best MCs? IJS.

(All that being said, Hip Hop was born in the East, and it still lives there. Until the other regions can inject as much consciousness into the Global Black Community as the East did in its heyday, they will never come close to the impact and relevance of the East. Conscious Hip Hop is the only Hip Hip, everything else is just Pop Music. Culture is a weapon, and those who use an art form in service to the People’s plight are always the greatest of their era, but seldom the the most popular. In fact the true geniuses are most often not recognized in their lifetimes because they either scare or piss people off.) ‪#‎My2Cents‬.