I live in London, England ! Thank you for your reply of November 4th 2015 ! I must admit that in England the widespread promotion of miscegenation in the British media is nearly always a young white British woman and a young black man producing a light skinned cute desired baby ! Do you think then that the white British male power structure in Britain have effectively used young white British women to take the blackness out of black men in Britain by being a white British vessel for their babies

Well, there is evidence of White Colonizers and Enslavers creating a “mulatto class” to serve as leaders (and in times of open conflict subverters) of the Black community.

This class has had power in Haiti for over a century, there’s also such a class in in Ghana that Dr. Clarke spoke of. 

We also know the internal color conflicts and divisions among Black populations throughout the Diaspora, especially in the United States and Latin Americas. 

But this tactic was generally used when Whites were the local/regional/national minority.  Where Whites have superior numbers, they didn’t really play the Light vs. Dark game, they just employ political/physical force to advance their interest. 

On a regional level; a plantation owner, with a few White staffers and relatives, but hundreds of enslaved Africans would have to create as many divisions as possible to maintain control and have some “allies” or agents among the ranks of the enslaved Africans.

In a European colony, the same situation would happen on a national level.  Haiti is one of the most stark examples of this, were the mixed population not only had special rights and privileges over the enslaved Africans, after the Whites were driven from the Haiti, the mixed population imposed a brutal regime on their fellow countrymen.

Dr. Clarke commented that this tactic was employed so often and with such a degree of success that he wanted to write a text entitled “The Role of the Bastard in History;” but he died before that happened.  You can however find a more liberal view of the issue in the text; Mulatto America.

One thing we have to understand though, we have as many Clearance Thomas’s as we do Obama’s…if not more, so we can’t really conclude that just because a Brother or Sister is lighter skinned or of mixed parentage that they ain’t down, and more than we can conclude that a Brother or Sister is down just cuz they are darker. There have also been light skinned and mixed Africans who’ve committed their lives to the Black Liberation Struggle.

More specifically to your final question; I think the British attack on it’s African residents is more psychological and cultural than biological or genetic.  It appears that they work harder to indoctrinate Africans into the Western Value Systems and World View; and beyond that, they don’t to dictate to them who or who not to marry or procreate with.

Both the White Nationalist and the Black Nationalist tend to be obsessed with the whole “they taking our women,” or they are “contaminating our  our race/blood issue,” but I think that’s that more about the Sexist drive to control women than the Cultural, Political, and Economic struggles the maintain or dismantle Global White Domination.  (Note: I’m not saying WN and BN are the same, they are just similar in that one respect; they both tend to be extremely Sexist and obsessed with controlling who fucks who.)

But I could be wrong, I’m not there; but it just dosen’t seem practical from my standpoint.  Now considering where the Systems and Institutions of White Domination stands and its current trajectory.

There was an article that Master Teacher Ashra Kwesi shared in one of his lectures that encouraged Whites to “bestow the gift of Melanin” upon their children in preparation for the warming climate that their pollution is inducing.  So, there’s that. 

Shit, I don’t put shit past the Oppressors Anon; they are psychopathic, so anything thing is possible.

Let me stop here before I end up deconstructing my initial point.  LOL!