A Black Social Experiment…


Black people have been Trained/Brutalized/Manipulated to see it as negative to act, think, or even speak in the exclusive support of Black people or in our interest.

For other Races, who’ve never been, or liberated themselves from colonization it is considered not just common sense, but a National duty to consider their People’s interest above all else and to inflate the positive over the negative when reflecting on their history and contributions to humanity.

If you doubt me, just speak highly of Black people in a grouping of Blacks and see how quickly someone tries to level off your “bragging” by pointing out something fucked up about Black people.

Then find another group of Blacks and start to list the atrocities and injustices Whites/Arabs/Asians have committed against Black people and see how quickly someone chimes in about how “we sold each otha into Slavery,” or how “Niggas always wanna blame de White man.”

Then find a third group of Blacks and talk about how great Western Culture/Technology/Democracy is and just watch them nod in agreement without any counter arguments.

Then find a final random group of Blacks and talk about the historical injustices Whites have suffered, talk about the plight of the Irish under British occupation, talk about the 9/11 (false-flag) attacks, or (a crowd favorite) THE (German) HOLOCAUST; and watch how none of the Black folks point out how the Irish would cooperate with the British, how US foreign policy provoked 9/11, or how some Jews worked with and even fought for the Nazis.

Hell you can do all of this in the same damn group, at the same damn time and get the same reactions.

But don’t cheat; don’t go to a gathering of your local Black militants, you have to go to where the masses of Blacks get together, the barbershop, the Rib Shack, the Church parking lot. LoL! Don’t cheat.

We still got more work to do on the consciousness and critical thinking skills of our People.