Ecology Over Economy.

Notice how you always hear New Negros talk about economic responsibility, but they seem to lack any concept of ecological responsibility.

As the Whites Negros emulate prepare for a world ravaged by climate change, extreme wealth events, ecological collapse, peak oil, and extreme and unstable global temperatures; they still have the Integrationist Negros trying to gain full inclusion into the obsolete industrial and service economies. 

Instead of uniting and plotting our independent own course we are still training your children to sell their talents and labor to the highest bidders.  It’s a crime, it is treasonous at this point how so many Africans are behaving. 

We need cooperative economics, those with the educations, money, influence and resources need to rally the Black masses around Revolutionary Pan-Africanism, and begin to walk down a practical and workable agenda for a Post White Domination, and Post Capitalism planet.

If not, we face total ecological collapse and extinction.

I’m pushing this agenda, who else?