What is with this celebration of Maxine Waters as a political figure? Did she start representing the best interests of African people? Has she climbed out of the back pocket of Israel? If I had to have an “Auntie” in Congress, it would be Cynthia McKinney, not Waters. Why do we continue to celebrate people like Waters and her ilk?

Maxine is truly a tragic figure. 

She’s kind of a Political Pied Piper for Blacks; here’s how:

MW was elected right on the cusp of the Clinton Era, Clinton had a plan to move the Democratic Party away from New Deal Social Reforms of the Post WWII Era and towards the Neo-Liberal Globalist Economics of the Post Cold War Era.  Clinton and the Democratic Leadership Council knew that since the Cold War was over, the Soviet Union Dissolved, and Capitalism had won the day, that the Western Capitalist nations didn’t have to even pretend that they gave a shit about anything anymore, they could just carve the world up and hyper-exploit everything to death, like they did prior to the Communist Revolt of 1917. 

This back story is important, but too vast to really get into; so, long story short: Black people were going to be the first lambs to be sacrificed on the alter of Globalization and Neo-Liberal Economics.  Were were the first to be toss out of industrial and manufacturing jobs…starting in the 70s and completed in the early 90s; then we had our communities flooded with crack by the CIA in the late 80s, then came the War on Crime in the 90s, mass incarceration, etc. All this shit converged and fully manifested by the early 90s when MW took office and Bill was elected to implement the final stages of the larger Post Cold War & Globalization agenda. (I’m glossing over so much but I can’t really cover it all, just wanted to show what the political landscape looked like when MW came on the scene.)

MW consistently voted against Clinton’s Policies while being fiercely loyal to the Clinton’s and the Democratic Party; even during Heelary’s run for POTUS.  MW ain’t our Auntie, she’s actually the Queen of Contradictions.  

She forced the head of the CIA to come to LA to answer to the community for their involvement in the Crack Epidemic, at the same time she was rasing funds and encouraging Blacks to vote for the very party that was overseeing the CIA’s Crack trafficking.  

Her whole career has played out like this. 

Her voting recorder in Congress is commendable, but it ain’t really accomplished shit for her constituents or the Black population in the US, or the Global African Community as a whole.  

She’s like a political Lawn Jockey, she’s there for decorations, but she don’t really do shit. 

Right now she’s bulldogging for the Democrats against Trump, as she sat silent while Obama was neglecting Blacks in the US and expanding the US empire deeper into Africa and the rest of the world.  

Black people love here cuz we on that “Style Over Substance” bullshit when it comes to Politics, she looks good, sounds, good, puts on a good show, but she never has been able to deliver.

If MW was truly principled she would have left and denounced the Democratic Party and the Clinton’s before Bill Clinton’s first term was over; but she was content to win symbolic victories, or moral victories for Blacks, while helping White Elites win military, resources, and substantive victories against the rest of humanity.  

When MW started to raise in the public eye after Trump was elected…, I’m sorry, after Trump stole the election; I stated that MW was a mass incarceration, and some other things. 

One of her fans pointed out that she voted against the Omnibus Crime Bill and other mass incarceration policies, but the bills passed anyway, they were put forth by her party, and remained in the party, raised money for the Party, endorsed candidates for the party, so I still lump her in with her party dispute her individual vote, and will do so until she leaves & denounces the party.

I can’t be a gang member, and say, “well, the drive-by my gang did that killed those children, I voted agisnst that during the gang meeting, but I was out voted, I’m still loyal to the gang, I still secure guns and ammo for my gang, but I’m not to blame for what my gang dose, cuz I cast a no vote.” LOL! SMH.

But MW ain’t the only tragic New Negro Success Story, she shows us we can’t secure Liberation from the inside, we can bring resources to the struggle from the inside, but that’s about it.

Cynthia McKinney is a true example of a Black Politician that put her constituents interest, the entire Black community’s interest, the interest of the Global African population interest over Party, over everything; and that’s why she was pushed out of Congress, by the Democratic Party…., and the Zionist Lobby; but that’s a whole different tragic Story.  I’ll just say she’s the best politician we’ve had since Adam Clayton Powell. 

Oh, & HBD Homie!