African Self-Rejection (ASR)

A person who suffers from ASR can meet one African from the continent, once in their lives, who tells them that Blacks in America are not Africans, and that Africans don’t accept them; and they will reject Africa forever. They will tell any other Black person who will listen how Africans (not just the few they’ve talked to, but all 1billion Africans) “don’t accept us, and don’t want us over there.”

These same individuals, can suffer a life time of racism, oppression, discrimination, and racial hostility, and still proudly profess that they are AMERICAN, that they love America, that they don’t pay any attention to ignorant White people who reject them and refuse to accept them and their patriotism.

They are willing to protest, vote, and even die to be part of America; but refuse to even read a book about Pan-Africanism.