I understand that you’re an Atheist which means that you do not believe in the existence of God. Do you think your stance is the result of living in a society under which we are oppressed in spite of our main religious beliefs? In other words, prayer and Christianity has not worked therefore God does not exist? Do you lend any credence to power of the mind, divine abilities of man, mind over matter or any other idea of an intangible & divine source of power that each man or woman may possess?

Atheism is not about disbelieving in God, but an acceptance of the evidence that all over the world we find men creating Gods, and no evidence of any Gods creating men.

Atheism is not a product of my Oppression, but a rejection of an aspect of Oppression; Religious Oppression.

I accept that there is much about the world, human potiential, and the universe that I don’t know; but I also reject absurd explations for the unknown like “God did it.”

I give credence to the power of the mind, and the extrodinarthy abilities humans possess, but none of that has anything to do with God, the supernatural, or magic.  It’s genetics, nature, nurture, conditioning, etc; but not God.

The source of power is the Sun, we are solar powered beings.  If you wanna worship something, worship the Sun, oh and your ancestors, oh and you mother, all mothers.  There is no divine source of power, unless you think the Sun is divine, but then there are trillions of Suns, so you gotta lotta worshiping to do.  Oh, and yeah, you can get energy from the molten core of the earth too, so you can worship the Hell below if you into that.  LoL!

Finally, it’s not mind over matter it’s mind and matter becasus without one you wouldn’t have the other, and without the other you wouldnh’t reconized or beable to interact with the other, there’s no “over” only together.