Diallo, I noticed something disturbing when I looked at the ads for escort girls. Over half of them say “no black men” or x AA. Black escort providers even put up stuff like “I love white boys”. Why do they do this?!

If that pisses you off, check this: AirBnB host just got busted discriminating against Black customers, the investigators found that Black AirBnB host were just as likely as White AirBnB host to discriminate against Black customers. NPR did a good little report on this.

In his phenomenal text; Disciplined Minds, Jeff Schmidt wrote that Black professionals (cops, doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges) demonstrated no more empathy and solidarity to Black people under their services than their White colleagues, and that they were just as likely to engage in, support, or ignore discriminatory practices against Blacks as White people in the same field.  

So, what you see in the “Ads for Escort Girls” is just a microcosm of how this entire nation, this entire economy operates; and Black struggled to integrate this system and its economy with no real plan or agenda on fundamentally transforming it; so….When In Rome, you discriminate as the Romans do.

Self-Hate and Self-Rejection is present among all oppressed people, and it intensifies when those people seek integration with and validation of their enemies and oppressors.  

Jews guarded the gates of the Ghettos, and Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany.  Many Southeast Asian tribes and nations joined the US in its genocidal war against Vietnam and Cambodia, where millions of people were murdered in an orgy of Western Imperial Aggression. 

If you don’t defeat your oppressor, you become (an obscene reflection of) your oppressor.  

But we talking about Escorts/Sex Workers, so let’s get back to that.

If you do any research into the Global Sex trade, you’ll find that White males are the preferred clients, and the wealthiest, followed by Arab and Japanese elites and oligarchs.  In many nations White men are preferred over the non-White men from the same Race as the Sex wokers.  In Cambodia, Thailand, the Caribbean, Brazil (but Black male Sex Tourist have enjoyed a resent bump in popularity and status among Brazilian sex workers).   

The reason is simple; Conquest, and the spoils of war.  In the High-Tech Barbarism that is Global White Domination, the Techo-Savages don’t just conquer the land, pillage the resources, they lay claim to the women of the conquered people.  That’s the root of it all really; ain’t a damn thing change in that respect.  It’s about power, especially in the arena of Sex.

Also, Black women, men, children are fed a steady diet of anti-African propaganda, and pro-White indoctrination from birth, they are economically deprived, and subjected to all other manor of oppression, and in the absence of a Revolutionary Resistance movement to inspire and guide the people, masses of people will simply capitulate to the Status Quo.

So, you’ll have Black Sex Workers who prefer Whites over Blacks, but you will also have Black Johns who prefer White women over Black women as well, who will treat the White escorts better, tip them better, and demand less or expect less of them than they would from the Black escorts, for the same amount of money, or even expect the Black escorts to do more for less than the White escorts.  

It’s a vicious fucking cycle among the oppressed; not just in the Sex industry, but in all areas of human relations; entertainment, labor, politics, economics, war, sex, family, diet.  

Aside from overthrowing this System that leads to so much exploitation (like we find in the Sex Industry), that feeds so much self-hatred and self-rejection there are things we can do.  

You could focus on that other 50% of escorts that are willing to service Black men, and treat them with all the dignity you can, to pay them well for their services, and demand other men you know who acquire such services to do the same.  Protect those women and their feelings.  Show them your gratitude for not falling into Self-Hate and Self-Rejection.

We can take better care of each other while under the Systems and Institutions of White Domination as we work to dismantle them, that goes a long fucking way.

This should be applied in all areas in your life; not just with escorts, when you find Blacks who are still down, who are still committed to the community and our people, value them as they value you, and you value yourself; after a while, it will become second-nature to you; and you will start to pity self-rejecting Blacks, cuz you will understand what they are missing out on.

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