On Police Brutality, Power, and Criminality.

level of police harassment, brutality, and murder a people suffer has
nothing to do with the amount of crime people commit or lawlessness a
people exhibit.  The level of police abuse a people suffer is directly
proportional to their level of disorganization.

If you look at
the fundamental mentality of Racist cops, and the culture of policing;
you’ll find that their hatreds extend far beyond skin color.  They hate
Jews, Catholics, Asians, Gays, and just about anyone who’s not a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.  

If you look at just White people, you will find deep tribal and ethnic
hatreds that go back centuries.  Just about every White ethnicity and
nation hates just about every other White ethnicity and nation; and they
have as many vicious ethnic slurs for each other as they have Racial Slurs for Black people and other non-Whites.

Now let’s look at crime distribution and stereotypes in the US.

In Western Culture, the title Jew is almost synonymous with Cheater, or
Criminal.  Whites would say, “you tryna Jew me,” when they though
someone was trying to swindle them in a deal.  The Jewish community is
not just stereotyped as being criminal, there are many findings of
criminal activity in the Jewish community, from illegal organ trading,
to drug smuggling, to welfare fraud.  There are not crimes the Jewish
community cannot be tied to.  There are also Jewish cartels and gangs
dating back to the Prohibition Era.
 So why aren’t Jewish youth line up against walls in their communities,
humiliated and searched by police?  Why are unarmed Jewish men shot
down in the streets.  Why aren’t Jewish women mysteriously dying in
police custody.  If you visit Racist websites you’ll find as much
Antisemitism as you find Racism.  Racist hate Jews as much as they Hate
Blacks, if not more if you believe the White Aggressors.  

as the Asian community; when I first moved to New York in the early 90s,
one of the first things I learned about was that Chinatown was lawless.
 You could get anything from drugs, to sex, to knockoff goods there for
a low prices.  There were open brothels all over Chinatown, there were
gangs that ran every sector; and I never saw the kinda police raids and
occupations like they had in my Hood growing up.  Why aren’t Asians shot
down in the streets, why don’t cops go on “hunting safaris” in
Chinatowns and Asian communities across the US like they do in Black
communities in this nation?

This same goes for East Indians, Eastern Europeans, and a few other Model minority groups.  

I’m not really interested in asserting that any group is more or less
criminal than any other group in this nation; like Amos Wilson said,
“this is a criminogenic System,” that drives all to commit crimes.  

I’m also not saying this because I wish to have the police visit their
Fascist oppression upon any other group, I’m just saying this to point
out that police abuse is not tied to crime, or even Racial and Ethnic
hatreds, because if it were, these other groups would be catching hell
just like Blacks, Natives, and Non-White Latin Americans.  The cop’s
abuses do not directly reflect their Racial hatreds, their prejudices,
or the level of crime committed by different groups in the US.

These other hated groups have a high level of community organization,
cohesion, and economic independence; they also have international
support and solidarity.  That means that if the police start fucking
with their people they can do more than protest, demonstrate, sign
petitions, beg for mercy, etc. They can bring real economic, political,
and even armed consequences against, not just the local police, but the
entire Nation which creates and controls the police.  

The Jews have the Zionist State, the Asians have the Four Asian Tigers,
which carry enormous global influence. They have networks, and
protocols in place.  They have the ability to reward or punish their own
who hold to or break the unity and protocols of their people.  

Black people are disorganized, and we’ve failed to build Pan-African
solidarity, and Black Power any level, let alone an international level.
 We try to face this nation as individual citizens, or as
African-Americans; both of which are absurd and politically impotent
classifications.  The police feel free to express and act upon their
hatred of us because they know the consequences will be both minor and
localized; if there are any at all.  

We reject all of the agendas, and actions that will end Police Brutality, and we opt for petty and ineffective Reactionary movements and appeals to power.  

We’ve been doing this sick dance with White Aggressors since the Emancipation Proclamation was signed!  From Lynchings to Police Brutality; it has been the same sick, and ineffective dance!

Until we understand Power, until we are truly ready to do more than
just React to White Aggression, until we are truly ready to end our
vulnerabilities to White Aggression, until we are ready to build
Pan-Africanism, we are going to keep doing this sick tired dance with
White Aggressors, their Systems and Institutions.

(Note: Don’t
think for one second that Black or other non-White cops don’t adopt the
practices and attitudes of the Racist White cops.  That’s like believing
the Black Slave Driver will not beat you as quickly as the White Slave
Master, or thinking a Black POTUS wont bomb your ass aggressively as a
White POTUS.

Policing in the US is a culture, it’s not just about
any individual cop, it is an Institution that transcends any
individual’s views; and moves them towards following the institutional
practices and mandates.  So you can’t change the police by hiring better
or Black officers.)