The Insecure Caveman & the Creation Myth.

Some insecure Neanderthal who had absolutely no understanding of Human Reproduction, Fertilization, or Fetal development; saw the women around him giving, sustaining, and nurturing life.  

He thought to himself; “with all of my physical strength, all my ability to kill, I can’t produce life!”

So, in his feeble mind, he wanted to bestow upon himself the ultimate power, which isn’t to take life but to give life.

Lacking the ability to actually give life, he invented an insane story
about a great man from the sky who gave all life to all things, and they
he said that this Man God cursed the woman with the burden of giving
birth from there forward.  The Caveman then decided that a woman’s
menstrual cycle was also a curse and evidence of her uncleanliness. This
mythological delusion made Males the original and ultimate life-givers
and women mere incubators who were inherently inferior to men.

Then these stupid and savage Cavemen employed their brute strength to force women to accept this bullshit.  

Eventually, after Cavemen came to better understanding, they still
couldn’t let go of this bullshit.  They eventually escaped the caves of
Europe and spread this bullshit across the globe, using the same
violence and force that allowed them to impose their bullshit on their
own women.  

So, anyone you find today who is talking that “(a
male) God created all Life” shit is promoting insecure Caveman fiction;
except they are worse than the Caveman because they know better, they
got instruments and evidence to inform them about how life is created
and reproduced, but they still holding to the nonsense the Cavemen
conjured up in his feeble mind.

It’s even more insane for men and
women of African decent to be following Caveman fiction, because our
ancestor’s myths and folklore always included women as part of the
Divine; our ancestors had no problem with famine Holiness.  
ancestors created Gods who had Sex, they didn’t have male Gods who only
surrounded themselves with (mostly naked) all male angels.  Our
ancestors created Goddess who gave birth, not male Gods who make people
out of ribs, or who sent their angels to impregnate married women
(without touching them).

So, when you find a Black man holding to
Caveman fiction, it’s an even greater tragedy because our ancestors
gave us much better Religion, Folklore, Myths, and Primitive
Explanations about Sex, Humanity, and the Universe than the Caveman ever

It’s 2015 People!  There’s no reason to talk that “God
created life,” without a Goddess, at least add a Goddess to the mix if
you are still too afraid to accept scientific evidence and explanations.