Is a third world war in progress already ? Note: I am fully aware that there were more than two world wars !

LoL!  I like how you blocked me from going on a tirade about how there have been more then 2 World Wars.  LoL!

So, let’s approach this using the popular assessment of modern history.

The short answer is: no, a 3rd World War is not in progress. 

To classify as a World War, White people in the West have to do the bulk of the dying, and the bulk of the fighting has to be done in territories of the West.  If it’s non-Whites dying, in the non-White world, then it don’t count as a world war, hell, they don’t even call it a war nowadays.  Black Lives don’t matter in the geopolitical arena, sorry, but they don’t.  They don’t matter in general in the Systems and Institutions of White Domination; I guess that’s why we have yet another Integrationist Movement on our hands which is trying to convince the Global Elite to stop behaving like they been behaving since they took power.  Good luck with that #BlackLivesMatter Movement.  It is an election year, so yall gon get lip service from the Left, if nothing else. 

The conflict you are seeing, the conflicts that are getting coverage in the Western Media; like the Syrian “civil war,” the shit popping off in the Ukraine, and all the hysteria the Zionist are kicking up about the so-called “Iranian nuclear deal,” and all that other shit is an extension of PNAC. 

PNAC stands for Project for a New American Century

PNAC was cooked up during HW Bush administration, and was fully implemented during the GW Bush administration, and Obama has done his best to stay the course of the PNAC agenda.

It’s not really a simple thing to explain, but I don’t want to write a book in this comment box so I’m gonna try to give you the shortest break down posiblle, and I encourage you to research PNAC further to understand the conflicts that are getting media coverage.

After the collapse and dissolution of the Soviet Union, the world became uni-polar, meaning it only had one SuperPower, which was the United States.

The corporate and political elites in the US sought to make this the permanent power and political state of the world, the wanted the US to remain the sole superpower by preventing the rise to another military or political rival to the US.

The evil muthafuckas who came up with this agenda decided that controlling the remaining reserves of  the world’s carbon fuel reserves was the best way to do that, thus you got the false-flag of 9-11 which give the justification to take Iraq and put US forces next to all of the other major oil reserves across the globe. 

Mainly the US wanted to prevent China and Russia from allying and securing the resources they needed to create rival superpowers to US hegemony. 

But none of that shit worked that way they planned, so they had to pivit to expanding NATO to surround Russia, and they also started setting up in the Pacific to surround China with US and their allied forces; this is where shit gets even more complex.

If the US can’t defeat a people, then they cause internal disruption, they corrupt the enemy, fuck with their social stability and structures.  That’s what the did to the Arab Spring; the used that as a way to fuck with the most stable Islamic Powers, they couldn’t use the military cuz the Iraqi resistance fought them to a stalemate, so they sent in Jackals and Economic Hitmen to do their dirty work from the inside, then they funded proxy armies like ISIS to take advantage of the internal disruptions and further destabilize the targeted nations and the regions.  John Perkins breaks all this shit down in his Confessions of an Econmic Hitman

There’s so much more to this shit, but I think I answered your quesiton tho. 

You will not see talk or movements of a 3rd World War until the Western powers start to take aim at each other, as long as the US, Australia, the Zionist State, and the EU nations are allied and working together, there’s no WWIII on the horizon, even if there are bombings all over the globe and non-Whites dying by the millions, and even millions more displaced by violence, they don’t count.

WWIII will come most likely when the Western powers scramble for the last remaining livable spaces on earth after global warming renders the majority of the planet’s lands and ecosystems unable to sustain any lifeforms.  Then they will fight it out, most likly with stick and stones, to see who will have the last bit of arable land and drinkable water, the sick, Omnicidal muthafuckas.

WWIII is coming sooner than you think, but it ain’t here just now, the people dying now are just irrelevant pawns in a sick global game played by the Western Elites.