Would you say the Black elite are one of our biggest barriers to creating a global African economy/society?

No, not at all; the biggest obstacle are the Institutions and Systems of White Domination, followed by the emerging Asian predatory economic powers. 

The Black Elites are simply interchangeable tools, if we simply get rid of them while leaving the Institutions and Systems of our oppressors in place they will simply elevate a different New Negro to the positions of the  Black Elite.

The Black Elite always fall when they lose their White support base.  Look at the tyrant Mobutu Sese Seko; he didn’t last a week after his White masters were done supporting him.  Look at how swiftly these so-called Black Elites crumble when the real Elites abandon them or when they run out their usefulness to whatever White agenda they are serving.

These Black Elites are an obstacle, but we only serve the interest of our enemies if we improperly assess them or over inflate their standing in the overall oppressive power structure. 

One more thing; we need to redefine what makes someone an Elite in our nations and communities, we need to stop allowing outsiders to pick or elevate the Elite among us, and we need to stop using Western standards and credentials for defining who’s Elite and who isn’t.  But that’s a whole nutha discussion.