What are thoughts that Blaise Compaore being charged with the death of Thomas Sankara? What is culpability of France and USA in Thomas Sankara death?

Too little too late.  Compaore was in power for decades and forbade anyone to even discuss the issue publicly, now that he’s out of power they wanna dig this us. Fine, I think he’s guilty, but as guilty as the guns that killed Sankara and his comrades, as guilty as a tool of imperialism can be.  The true blame still rest with the French, American, most likely the Israeli intelligence agencies, and the corporate, industrial, and investment capitalist; they are the masters who control men like Compare.  

We know for a fact that Compaore is guilty of treason, against Burkina Faso, the African decolonization struggle, and the Global Africa Liberation struggle; and that’s a much bigger crime than betraying and assassinating any individual, even one as great as Sankara.  

I don’t know if this case will ever reach trial, if the Ivory Coast will even give him up and respect the arrest warrant, as far as I know they have yet hand him over. If he is tried and faced justices, I think it would be good for the families, but I don’t think it would mean much for the Pan-African Revolution at this point, he spent his political career dismantling the Revolutionary progress of the decolonization movement and validating the recolonization of BF and the region.  

I’m happy that the charges were filed, but most of these treasonous African leader tend to die of old age, or chronic diseases before they ever face justice or see the inside of a jail cell.