Does China do Africa more harm than good in terms of economics ?

China is harming China in terms of economics, it’s enslaving millions of it’s own citizen (in sweatshops and prisons) and destroying the rich and diverse ecosystems of Asia; and for what, to make iPhones and over priced sneakers for spoiled American kids?

So, if the Economic Dragon from the East is fucking up its own people, it’s own ecosystems; WTF can we expect CCP to do for African nations?

Of course China is putting massive amounts of Fiat Currency, some technology, and infrastructure on the table for Africa, but most of the inputs are there to facilitate the exploitation of Africa’s resources and the colonization of Africa by Chinese immigrants.

Also, the Chinese have shown contempt for Africans and African culture that rivals the West.  But this is nothing new the Chinese and other Asians have been feeding on the scraps that the Western Imperialist left behind for decades, but now the Chinese are scrambling to take the whole African pie, or a much bigger piece of it.

China intends to bleed Africa dry, just like every other Super Power that has ever come to Africa.

Africa has no friends; no non-Africans have Africa’s best interest at heart.  Until Africa and the African Diaspora are Unified, Organized, and Revolutionized across the globe, we will continue to be exploited and abused all over the globe.