Go Vegan, Be Vegan!

Your meat consumption isn’t just about your personal taste, if you
consume meat you are needlessly contributing to the destruction of
entire ecosystems, the needless slaughter of billions of animals both
wild animals and livestock.

Mass human meat consumption (in the
West) is a primary driver of global warming, methane emissions,
deforestation, water contaminatio0n, proliferation of so-called Superbugs, global food instability, and just about every other ecological catastrophe on the earth!

By simply adopting a #Vegan
diet you will do more to reduce your on personal contribution to the
global ecocide (aka: Omnicide) brought by Global Capitalism and the
Universalisation of Western Cultural norms.

A Vegan diet ain’t
just about personal heath, its an act of rebellion, resistance, and
solidarity with the rest of humanity and all living creatures/systems.