If you (I) don’t believe in God, and we are ultimately born to die, what would be the benefit of living a healthy, righteous lifestyle?

As far as a healthy life, I think it’s obvious why anyone would want to be healthy in life, so I don’t think I gotta get into the value of physical and mental health regardless of one’s acceptance or rejection of any Gods.

As far as “righteousness:” reason, logic, and evolution gives as much weight to the necessity and value of being good as any fictional construct and dogmas.

Humans are the most socially dependent creatures on this planet.  As I have said so many times before; we are so socially dependent that we go insane when we are isolated from other people, we experience physical pain when we are isolated from each other.  Our health (mental and physical) deteriorates when we are isolated from other people.  

In the not too distant path, banishment from your tribe was a death sentence because we are the most interdependent species on the planet.

So, being good to other people, sharing with other people, helping other people, doing all the shit we conciser righteous is also reasonable, because all doing all of those things contributes to our own health and well-being, and it binds us to other people, and we’d rapidly deteriorate without those bonds to other people.   

Even on an evolutionary level, we are so connected with other people that we literally feel pain and discomfort when we see other people in pain and discomfort.  Even when the pain is fictional, and we know it’s fictional (like in a horror movie) we still feel that discomfort.  That is an evolutionary adaptation, because it was central to our survival to be able to share each others pain and burdens.  

The Oppressive Systems of the West have broken and distorted all of this, but it’s still with us.  This system drives us insane, it dehumanizes and alienates us; so we forget, or just surrender our humanity.  

This tell us this bullshit about humans being naturally competitive, aggressive, violent, and individualistic; but if that were true, humans would have gone extinct before we developed culture and tool use; it’s just bullshit.  

The reality is that a mutated strand of humanity, a hyper-aggressive strand descended on others, and this minority imposed it’s anti-human ways of being on the rest of us; (the history is more complex that that, I know, but that’s it in a nutshell).

So, you if you are not “righteous,” you will be a miserable bastard, just look at Trump, the Koch Brothers, the various insane dictators who all that power and wealth.  “Evil,” being anti-human makes us miserable, unless we are the small group of humans who are born psychopaths; but there’s not educating or changing them, we can only “banish” them from the family/tribe/community/nation/civilization.

If you are not a psychopath, then being evil will make you suffer, even if you obtain all the riches the world has to offer, unless you are a born psychopath.

If you look at the timeline of human evolution and civilization I think you will better grasp what I’m talking about, most of human history was not Eurocentric, was not dominated by the West and Western Values and Behaviors; but this Western Dominated Epoch as been so destructive of both our history, and out knowledge of our history, we think this way of being is the only, or most dominate way of being; this individualism, this morality dictated by a vengeful and punishing god, this being good only when it pays, etc.  

When/If the world is returned to proper balance, we’ll once again see the true nature of humanity; that’s what the Revolution is all about, returning to balance.