Contamination Within Black Liberation.

Black Puritanism, Toxic Nationalism, and Sexism contaminate the Black Liberation Struggle and the movement for Pan-Africanism.

As they manifest, they can be traced back to the many cultural and
behavioral contaminations we picked up during our colonization and
enslavement by Western and Islamic powers.  

What makes them so
entrenched in the struggle and the minds of African people is that many
who hold to these views and behaviors have purged or shunned the more
superficial and recognizable aspects of Western ideologies.  

Black Puritans have often rejected “the White man’s God.”

The Toxic Nationalist have rejected American patriotism, and even their title as African-Americans.

The Black Sexist often call Black women “Queens of civilization.”

Most of the Brothers and Sisters in the struggles have rejected the
superficial indoctrination of the West, but they hold to the deep seeded
indoctrination, and they bring that deep indoctrination into the Black
Liberation Struggle.  

I’m not pointing fingers, once I left the
church, realized that I wasn’t an American and no longer wished to be,
once I embraced the natural beauty and dignity of Black women; I still
had Black Puritanical positions and behaviors, I pushed Toxic
Nationalism in the organizations I joined, I held to sexist views and
behaviors.  It took time for me to mature, intensive study, and ongoing
self criticism to grow out of my own indoctrination, and I’m still
working on it.  So I’m not calling this out to tear anyone down.

But if we fail to deal correctly with our deep indoctrination, that
indoctrination that runs so deep that we feel that it is our own, that
it is unquestionably correct, that we would lose ourselves if we were to
let go of it; if we fail to deal with this, any liberation, unity, or
power we secure will not only be corrupted, it will be transient.