The Poison Pill of Oppression.

If someone is poisoning you and you are unable or unwilling to see the external affliction your logical conclusion would be that there’s something wrong with you, that your own body is the problem, that your body is the source of your pain and disability. Any treatments that you employ will not save if you fail to identify the fact that you are not inherently sick, but you are being poisoned from the outside.

The same works for individuals or groups that are being poisoned, but fail to see the source and the maliciousness of the poisoning.

We keep thinking our problems are internally sourced, that if we do some things different, without seeing or addressing the poisoning of our communities, then we can end the violence, poverty, and overall dysfunction.

We mark our youth, who are our antibodies, our warning systems, and the foundation of health for our communities and our Race as the problem, the source of the diseases that afflict us, and we see the individuals and institutions who poison us and profit from our demise as having the cure for our communities.

We’ve been so afraid to been seen as “blaming others for our problems,” or “refusing to be accountable and responsible,” that our analysis is incomplete and our solutions often exacerbate our problems.

Any individual or organization that is not employing a Radical Analysis and a complete and contextual view of the problems in the Black Communities is only feeding the illusions that we are the problem that needs to be corrected. They will only, ineffectively, touch the surface of symptoms and never even see the true disease.

Radical Analysis and Revolutionary Organization are the only way to Stop the Violence or fix any of our other issues. Also, not being tricked into Victim Blaming, or Victim Denying is another component.

We have enemies, and it ain’t us, never been us; and they will only be over come when we unite with us to address them.