On Supporting Black Businesses:

The Buy Black Movement (aka: Support Black Business Effort) dates back as for as the 1920s, and was formalized by Carlos Cooks when he took the helm of the UNIA, he also started the ‘Black Is Beautiful’ Movement.

Now, after almost a century, we should be beyond simply supporting Black Business and on to creating an African Economy, a Pan-African Economy.

Honestly, simply supporting Black Business is inadequate in this era of Globalization, painfully inadequate. We need to make the jump to Pan-African Economic Agendas and Protocols.

If a Black Business Owner or Enterprise fails to show how they support the Pan-African Struggle, and how they recirculate their profits in the larger community for collective empowerment, then they must be deemed as parasitic as the non-Black Businesses that economically exploit the African masses. If a Black Business is not engaged in an ongoing effort to integrate their works with the larger struggle, and expand their products, services, and expertise to uplift the movement, and our people collectively, then how do we get any level of return on our invested support and funds?

If we are operating our Black Businesses with the same values, with the same intentions, hoping for the exact same outcomes as non-Black Businesses, how do we expect any different outcomes than we find within the White or Asian economic systems; which is a small bloated elite feeding off of and exploiting the masses. Is it progress to elevate some Black Billionaires, some Black Corporations, or a Black President to the level of the parasitic White Billionaires, Corporations, and Presidents? Why would we even consider that progress? Is Michael Jordan’s or Dr. Dre’s elevation to billionaire status good for the rest of us? Have the emergence of the new African Billionaires in any way impeded the recolonization of African by the West and Asia; or are these African Billionaires allies of the other global elite in extracting Africans wealth for their own gain?

Please don’t tell me about charity, please. I don’t encourage any needy person to reject charity or donations, but fuck, Hitler gave to charity, some of the most genocidal individuals in history gave/give to charity, hell the Rockefellers and Rothschilds give millions to charity annually, Henry Ford was a racist and the Ford Foundation is still giving to charity in his name. So we need to keep that shit in perspective.

Charity is cool, for what it is, but you will not find any people on this planet who have been liberated through charity, but it’s good to reduce suffering, not end it, but reducing it…temporarily. We need Liberation, the closer we come to Liberation the less we will need charity; that’s the ultimate goal.

Time to engage in economic warfare yall, not just integrattionist economics and business development. We need Pan-African Cooperative and Communal Economics, we need to forge our own economic path, and detach as quickly as possible from Global Finance Capitalism, because it’s heading for a dramatic and unrecoverable collapse.

Support Black Businesses that Support Pan-African Liberation and Communal African Empowerment.


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