Why would you assume of a possible open race war against the black race in near future ?

Assume?  What is there to assume, there has been an open and ongoing Race War being waged against African people and the African Diaspora since the fucking 1400s, and that’s the global Race War, if you wanna deal with regional Wars raged against Africans, then it date back to the Greek and Roman Empires. 

You are probably looking, or waiting of a Nazi style direct and open attack against Africans where the perpetrator of the War openly declares the war; well, I don’t think today’s White Aggressors operate that way, they have discovered it’s easier to wage War while claiming they want peace and are offering aid.  They White Elites learned well from the mistakes of the Nazis and other White Aggressors who came before them.

So, only the lowest classes of the White Aggressors talk open war against Blacks, but the White Elites wage cultural, media, clandestine, policy, low-intensity, color-blind, legal, subversive, economic war against Blacks.  They wage war on us in such a way that tricks the majority of Blacks into allying with Whites against their own Race. 

The Race War in its modern manifestation also causes Black to blame themselves for the dysfunctions that manifest in our Race as a result of being under relentless attack from a “hidden,” or unannounced enemy.