What do you have against Hispanic and African and Asian coming to america for a better life? You are blessed to be born in america, and you shut on it every chance you get

I’m against anyone having to go any fucking where for a better life, the whole damn planet should be a place were people can live dignified and abundant lives.  The problem is that a few places in the world have hoarded the resources, and then kept the rest of the world under military/nuclear/economic/political subjugation so people have to scramble to get within the borders of the Imperial nations so that they don’t have to live in the nations that are under the thumb of the imperial nations.  It’s fucked up and unacceptable.

That being said, I don’t hate on people for seeking relief and a better lives for themselves and their families while they struggle to bring balance to the world.  Many of my closest friends are just such immigrants who came here; not to escape oppression but to build and better equip themselves to fight it, some of my teachers were just such men and women too, whom I’m grateful for, and happy that they came here to share their insights with me and fight this Beast from within.

I don’t like those sell-out immigrants who come here and fully assimilate with the Western culture and begin to spread it, then they pretend that they are better than the poor Blacks here, or their people they left behind, fuck them #NewNegro Immigrants, hell, their nations are better off without them.   

Not that you care about any of this because you are a White Racist Internet Troll looking to excuse the Racism of this nation by pointing to the long disprove myth of the American Melting Pot, and thenn you have the gall to bring up that offensive notion that having my ancestors enslaved, raped, mutilated, tortured, and robbed of their humanity is something I should view as a blessing. 

Your White Racist Internet (WRIT) Score would have been higher if you left off that last sentence, yall keep losing points for lack of originality, do better.

#WRITScore: 2.3 (very poor)