Your view on White couples adopting black children ?

I stand in total and absolute opposition to White people adopting Black children.  Whites have a consistent and unbroken pattern of predatory behavior towards Black people, therefore they should be rendered ineligible for adopting Black children.

If you are truly a Good White person, then you should expend your energy attacking and dismantling the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, while understanding and accepting that you too must be perceived and treated as a potential or active threat to non-Whites.

White theft of non-White children is not a rescue, not helping, and has been a mainstay of White Aggression and White Colonization from the beginning.

Whites have consistently tried to disguise their theft of Asian, African, Aboriginal, and Native American children as benevolent but it’s just another genocidal tactic, it’s cultural and physical genocide.

The movie Rabbit Proof Fences is a great dramatization of this universal Western Phenomenon of stealing and “caring for” non-White children.  But you find this behavior towards all colonized and enslaved populations by their White colonizers and enslavers.