During segregation, we were forced to start and support businesses in our communities. Many of these businesses flourished such as the Greenwood community in Tulsa, Okla. After segregation ended, what psychologically happen to us to make us want to abandon the positive economic advantage we had? or is it bigger than that..your input would be great.

I’m gonna try to give you the short answer.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke said; “after Integration, we thought we no longer had to do anything for ourselves.”  We were sold a load of shit by the White Liberals and the Black Integrationist; they told us that we would become full fledged Americans, we assumed what belonged to America belonged to us, so there was no reason to sustain an exclusively Black economy, communities, enclaves, industries, and culture.

There were many people warning us against Integration, they knew it was a lie, but these individuals were branded Reverse Racist, Crazy Militants, and Black Nationalist. They were mocked, scorned, isolated; many were exiled, imprisoned, and assassinated, while the Black Integrationist were placed in leadership positions by White Liberals and given resources to bribe the rest of the Black population into accepting the Integrationist Ideology and fantasies. 

The Black Integrationist drove the Black community off of an economic cliff, and now today they blame our lack of ambition, our lack of unity, and our lack of other shit for our deep poverty and political dysfunction, when the real blame rest at the door of New Negro Integrationist Leaders, and their organizations, their Negro Colleges that indoctrinated generation after generation into the Integrationlist ideology. 

Then there was the Economic Warfare the Whites have waged against the Black population since the Emancipation Proclamation and the ratification of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments of the US Constitutions.  They have attacked us with anti-Black government polices and in the private sector with a laundry list of discriminatory practices and protocols. 

All the while the Integrationist kept encouraging us to just work harder within the White Economy, to study harder within the White Schools, and bow lower to White Oppression, and we’d eventually reach economic prosperity. 

The problem is that Whites have had the pleasure of waging one-sided economic warfare against Blacks since our arrival in the United States; and we still haven’t engaged this conflict, not even today. 

Also, I don’t think we should be praising the Black Bourgeois for their accomplishments, they were not saints.  They were as exploitative and hostile to the poor Black masses as Whites were; just look up the history.  There were Black plantation owners who owned slaves, after Slavery, the Negros who got a little money and status were more interested in supporting capitalism and keeping Blacks in their degraded state.  The wealthy Blacks in the past were little different than the wealthy Blacks of today, the are more at home among the White Elites than the Black masses, and their loyalties were with the System that allowed them to get rich than with we who opposed the System that kept the majority of us in poverty. 

Black people need to stop trying to Integrate or make it within the dysfunctional US economy and practice group, communal, collective, and socialist economic development and oppositional economics. 

It’s a waste of time to try to rebuild the idolized past that was proven unsustainable, we need to advance; Scientific Socialism, Pan-Africanism,  Cooperative Economics, and Collective Ownership.  We need Revolutionary Economics, not Black Capitalism. 

We have to reeducate our communities, employ counter indoctrination and counter propaganda to turn this around, but the problem is; the Black Conscious community seems to be as ignorant as the masses, I can’t find the disciple and commitment needed to correct this among those who are supposed to be aware, who are supposed to be conscious, so how the hell can we expect the Black masses to make a turnaround?

#TheStruggleContinues, I guess.