On Thugism and White Appropriation of Thug.

So these two White Vegans have come up with a clever way to promote Veganism, by lacing their cook book with profanity and calling it Thug Kitchen. It appears that other White folks are really getting a kick out of it and the book’s authors are making some real scratch off this lame ass ideal.

Here’s the larger issue tho:

Today, we have African youth all over the world (literally) dying to live up to the Thug personal that Black Minstrels (Rappers) were paid millions by White Corporatist to promote to our communities. Now Thugism plagues and spreads through Black communities, and even African nations like fucking Type 2 Diabetes or the Ebola virus, and it has cost us too many lives just like those two horrible diseases.

So as all Black men, even we who are fathers and husbands, who are educated, who are Pan-Africanist, who are organizing for Liberation, and even our elders carry the stain and burden of being suspected Thugz. Our communities are harder than ever to organize because of the lack of trust and security that is perpetuated by Thugism, and the universal acceptance of Gangsterism; even the conscious community has gotten in on the bulllshit with that Revolutionary But Gangsta shit. SMH. I had a Black youth tell me that Mutulu Shakur was a Gangsta!

White folks, who are usually far from dealing with street level Thugs and Gagnsterism ( because White Thugs do their Gangsterism on a Global Scale, and on a Corporate Level); are now using what Black youth view as a way of (Thug) Life as a marketing gimmick, as a running fucking joke; like them Krackas I see wearing them Chiraq Tshirts in the safe, trendy White affluent areas of North Chicago.

What’s even worse than these muthafucka making a mockery of our dysfunction caused by their oppression is Black people trying to mobilize to prevent White people from using the title Thug, because they stupidly believe that it belong to us and on us. These Black people have been so damn indoctrinated by the White Propaganda Apparatus that they are telling the original Thugs that they can’t use the title Thug because Black people are the real Thugs.

Black people are literally saying that it is a cultural appropriation for Whites to say they are Thugs!!! WTMuthaF!!?!

I say that by the time a people have committed Genocide on every single populated land mass on the planet, and colonized nations on every single continent, by the fucking time you have contaminated every single ecosystem in the world and driven more animals into extinction than the fucking comet that took out the dinosaurs, by the time you represent less than 5% of the worlds population but you control over 25% of the wealth and resources, and produce almost 50% of the words toxic waste (and that’s they fuckin numbers, we know the real stats are much worse), then you have more than earned the title Thug, your people are KING and QUEEN THUGS of the Know Universe!

Don’t fight White appropriation of the word, concept, or behaviors of Thug, where the fuck do you think we got that shit from in the first damn place? We need to quietly divest from Thugism, Gangsterism, and Criminality. We can move back to African Warrior Codes, Pan-Africanism, and Justified Rebellion.

I know this pisses many off my RBG, and Conscious Thug comrades, and I’m sorry, but I gotta tell the truth; yall are just pretenders and imitators of the real Thugz and Gangstas. The Real Thugs and Gangsters laugh at yall as yall hustle and risk your lives to buy their overpriced goods and services. The real Thugs and Gangsters manufacture cars and mass produce Jordan sneakers, they don’t drive them (they have chauffeurs) or wear them.

As we organize and struggle to get back what we have lost under Global White Domination, we must also be willing to give the Oppressors back what they’ve forced upon us, from Thugism, to Soul Food, to their fucked up ass Religions and Socioeconomic Relations.

Don’t protest when White folks self identify as Thugs, commend them on their honesty.