Psychological Trauma & African Self-Rejection.

The Black woman’s impulse to alter her natural hair texture to be straight has nothing to do with personal preference, convenience, or professionalism, or any of the other excuses that are often given.

The impulse to straighten, or otherwise change Black hair to be more Caucasoid in appearance is driven by Trauma Induced Psychosis.

The Trauma is personal, collective, and historical.

These Sisters (and Brothers) out here in pursuit of European features (of any kind) are wounded, traumatized, and there is no large scale effort to heal them.

Black women are told that they are being independent and free when they pursue and manifest their psychotic drive to look less African and more White. Just think about the implications of that.

Just imagine if a heroine addicts, who are traumatized individuals seeking self-destructive whys to address their trauma, were told that their injection of heroine was not only evidence of their independence but it made them look better when they used it, that’s what Black women are told when they become addicted to Creamy Crack! Just imagine if they show celebrities openly and proudly using drugs in all the media, how would that impact the youth who love these celebrities? Well, we allow Black celebrities to flaunt blonde wigs and chemically process hair before our daughters day and night, that’s one of the reasons we have a pandemic of Black women rejecting their natural hair. Hell we even have Sisters in jail for committing crimes to feed their Creamy Crack habits, and stealing the paraphernalia they need to have a head full of Caucasoid hair.

If you don’t see a psychological and cultural battlefield whenever you are in the Black community, if you don’t see all these beautiful Black women with chemically processed, or synthetically covered heads as causalities of the psychological war being waged against the Black community, then you are a causality of that war too. Yes, Black men who support or pursue chemically altered Black women are part of the problem, they are traumatized too.

If the African community simply abandoned any attempts to alter our features to appear more Caucasoid, it would have a profound psychological, intellectual, and economic impact on our communities.

I’m not suggesting that we attack or belittle sisters who want to look more White, we understand that they are responding to traumas that we have all been subjected to.

We need make African hairstyles and hair textures the standard. We need to have our psychological professionals begin to develop treatment methods for the impulse Black people have to appear White in any why. We need to define African Self-Rejection as a clinical illness, and address it as both public health problem and a national security issue.

We need to understand that we are at war and mobilized for war on cultural, political, and economic fronts.

I know that Blacks woman’s hair issues are just one piece of the puzzle, I’m not in any way asserting that it is the only piece, just the piece I’m addressing here.

I also understand that many will (incorrectly) think that a man speaking on such issues or any so-called Woman’s Issues is sexist, but it has to be said, it has to be said over and over and over by everyone who cares about and loves Black women, so I don’t care if Sisters get mad at me for telling the truth.