On Pan-Africanism & Anti Pan-Africanism…

I’m done debating the merits of Pan-Africanism, but I welcome struggle around the methods.

I look forward to any criticism of Pan-Afrcanism, any analysis that seeks to refine and strengthen Pan-Africanism. I know Pan-Africanism is not perfect or the sole solution for all African problems; so it must be constantly dissected, examined, and reworked. Revolutionary Ideologies often require internal Revolutions, I accept all of that, and have no issues with that, usually unpleasant work. Those who are critical of, or even have problems with Pan-Africanism as it is articulated, and developed are not who I’m referring to here.

I’m dealing with those who fully reject the notion or need for African Unity and our coordinated action on a global scale. If you are against Pan-Africanism, we have no basis for discussion, and a very limited if any need to engagement.

Save me some time and effort and delete yourself.

Understand, if you are not a Pan-Africanist that’s fine, if your ideology or work is complementary to Pan-Africanism even better, I understand the need to and welcome a diversity of thought and action. I know that all people who disagree with me are not wrong, nor are they my enemies.

If you are indifferent to Pan-Africanism, but have a vested interested in addressing some of the causes that overlap with the greater Pan-African cause, then I also welcome you.

But, if you are against Pan-Africanism, if you have concluded that Pan-Afrianism is a lost or unworthy cause, if you are allied with the enemies of Pan-Africanism; there’s nothing here for you. There is nothing for us to discuss. You are free to do all of your anti-African and anti-Pan-African work, just not here, just not in any of my spaces in the community or online.

So, just move on, find another arena for your views and activities.