I just read that Angola has banned all mosques from the country and they have called Islam a cult. Not sure how they view Christianity so it may just be more of a Christian vs Islam thing that unfortunately plagues many Afrakan people, but while many would consider that a negative thing, is it wrong to think that Afrakan countries (and perhaps Afrakan people worldwide) should ban or try to rid ourselves of all non-Afrakan religions and beliefs?

Angola is mostly Catholic because it was colonized by the Portuguese, which was a predominately Catholic nation.

The Angolan governments repression of Muslims is purely reactionary and there’s really no Revolutionary elements to it.  It’s just a case of picking one Massa over the other, favoring one Plantation over the other.  SMH.

Don’t get me wrong, no African nations owes a damn thing to Islam, and Islam is so deeply in debt to African that it can never repay those debts.

But as much as I oppose Alien Gods and Alien Religions, I wouldn’t ban them if I was a Head of State, I would simply tell the people the truth, I would expose all of the Religions, I would give the masses detailed historical and current accounts of what those Religions have done and are doing, then allow the people to make their own choices.  History has shown that Alien religions are most vulnerable to truth than they are to government repression. 

Anyway, I can’t raise a Black Fist in solitary with the Angolan government because it’s just a Reactionary half measure, when they get around to truly Revolutionary Governance, I’ll support them.