Why have AAs been able to build institutions post slavery, yet opportunities were not in place for Afro Latino/Caribbean/European people?

I’m not really sure what you are talking about.  Many institutions that appear to be AA on the surface like the NAACP, HBCUs, or the Black Church are not actually AA, they are White Institution populated, operated, or managed by Blacks; they are Black on the surface but their fundamental agendas and purposed serve the dominate system.  These so-called AA institutions are not a threat to the Status Quo of White Domination, they simply work to integrate AA into the system, or to deflect or dilute Black resistance to the systems of oppression.  

As for as our Brothers and Sisters who landed South of the Border or in the Caribbeans, they have the same type of White institutions operated by Black, or Negros Elites.  

I know we like to play AAs against AL, West Indians, and the rest of the African Diaspora, try to find out how one population is better or worse than the next, but every single member of the African in the African Diaspora falls into one of two categories:

1. Submitting to White Domination.
2. Resisting White Domination.

Beyond that, WTF else matters, just make sure you are in category two, and work to organize and advance with all other Africans in category two.  

I’m not against comparison for purpose of critical analysis, and effective coordination of our efforts, but most of the shit we see is based on not who’s better or worse, but the conditions and environment Africans were confronted with when our ancestors were brought here in chains.  

I recommend your study the difference between being enslaved, colonized, and emancipated under a Settler Colonial state vs. a Traditional European Colony; that will give you the best insight into how enslavement played out and what happens after emaciation.