Slavery and Colonization has oriented Africans all over the world to orient themselves according to what Whites are doing and thinking.

We devote ourselves to humanizing them, to working to make sure they recognize our humanity, and to act humanely themselves. There is not one ideology, one religion, on position that Whites have conceived that Africans have not taken a position on in the last 500+ years.

When we study them, and understand them it is not for the purposes of defeating them, or subversion, or even self-defense from them; we study and understand to better serve, better integrate, or better help them.

This woman is speaking with no anger, no hostility, no intent to combat these genocidal White Nationalist, she has the disposition of a Nanny who’s trying to understand a misbehaving White child so that she can better guide him….as if that’s her fucking obligation.

This is the Slave mentality right here. Let a Zionist walk up on some Nazis, let a Chinese Nationalist walk up on some Japanese Imperialist, let an Arab Muslim walk up on a Christian Crusader….let a Wildabeast encounter a fucking Lion!

When ever most people (and animals) encounter those who have a history of predatory behavior towards them they have a natural flight or fight response, not a “Oh, let me sympathetically understand these poor misguided people,” response; only a true Slave has sympathy for their Master or Aggressors.

If she wasn’t there to shut their asses down, why was she there? We understand Racist and Racism, we been under it for too fucking long not to, so what was the point? More appeals for acceptance with those who don’t want to accept us…that’s what this video was all about.

Fuck Racist, Fuck Racism. It is not our job to cure the racist, or even to be open to them, it is our job to defend and secure ourselves from the actions and agendas of Racist.

This is not Confronting Racism, this is reinforcing Racism because those sick individuals she was speaking so kindly to don’t response to anything less that equal or greater force, to Mutually Assures Deconstruction.