The N-Word Treaty of 1956.

I don’t blame these White kids for this, I blame whatever Black folks are in their vicinity.

You see, these White kids have been deprived the “routine Ass-Whoopins” they require whenever they cross “the Color-line,” that we established with the N-Word Treaty of 1956.

Our ancestors negotiated a treaty that stated White folks could think Ni@@a all they wanted, and could even say the world in closed, all-White company; but to speak the word in the presence of Black people would cost them, at minimum, one solid punch to the face.

If we violate our end of the N-Word Treat of 1956 then Whites will have no choice but to cancel their end of the treaty as well.

So, get back on your jobs and fulfill your end of the bargain, especially you Black youth who’ve been extremely negligent in your obligations to your White peers.

It saddens me to see White youth going astray because we’ve failed them…failed to knock the shit outta them when they cross “the Color-line.” #PoorDevils

I will work harder to met my obligation, and I hope the rest of my Brothers and Sisters join me so that Whites don’t make such errors again.

Sorry White Kids, we’ll do better.