What are your thoughts on individualism? Is it real or nah?

I reject and work against Individualism.  

Individualism is very real.

Individualist are human emotional/material parasites.

Individualism is the ideology or mental defect of people who extract from the collective input of the society, but then feel no obligation to contribute to the society.  

Individualist are social parasites because they accept all that society has to offer, but feel little to no obligation to give back to society.  They pretend they are about personal freedom and liberty; but if your free and liberated self is not compelled to contribute to the whole, to commune and build with others, then you are a psychopath.  

Now, individuality is very healthy, but it’s not the same as individualism.
Individuality is about how you express yourself, your own talents, skills, outlook, dreams, etc are not only yours, but they benefit society.  Societies that encourage individuality prosper; but societies that embrace individualism deteriorate.  

Individualism makes you the absolute center, and it orients you to value all things according to how they serve you and things have no value beyond how they serve you. You become your own Ideology, the center of all things.  I’ve never met a healthy or balanced individualist.  

So, I am an Individual, and I value my Individuality, but I’m not an Individualist.

Is that clear?  I hope I’m not confusing you.  

Western Culture is the most Individualist Culture ever created, so my nature it’s also Omnicidal.

Individualist come together and make Community, I’m a Communalist, I am a product of the collective, of my community, and I use my individual talent and resources to sustain and improve the community, and if I must I am willing and proud to submit my individual goals, needs, and aspirations to the communal needs, goals, and betterment.  That’s doesn’t rob me of my individuality, it enhances it.

Now, Western Culture and its adherent mock, distrust, and attack communalist, because it’s a psychopathic and predatory culture, and it just can’t conceive of a non-exploitative, non-competitive, and non-Individualistic culture; and thus they teach us that Communalism and a non-Self-Centered society is impossible to construct; but if we know our own history and culture, we’ll know that’s a lie.  Communalism is our natural state, we evolved communally.  

We must be Communal Individuals, not Individualist in the Community.