How can we prepare for the collapse of the West?

If we allow the West to collapse under the weight of its own corruption and contradictions there will be no way to prepare because by then the air will be unbreathble, the water will be undrinkable, the land will be ungrowable.  The planet will be a radioactive, lifeless rock if we just wait around for the collapse.  

We have to dismantle the West, aggressively and systematically; not wait patiently, or anxiously for its collapse.  

Also, when you see segments of the West collapse, don’t misread that as evidence that the whole System collapsing.  The British Empire collapsed and gave birth to the US Empire.  Industrial Capitalism collapsed and gave birth to Investment Capitalism.  The Cold War ended and gave birth to the Global War on Terror.  So, just because you see the US on the ropes economically, or you see the US taking geopolitical losses in the Middle East, or you see the BDS Movement gaining momentum; don’t over inflate those occurrences.

We thought we were headed for a better world when the last colonial flag was removed from an African/Asian/Latin American Colony; but nations are more vulnerable and exploited by the West than ever.  We thought that humanity was entering a new world when the last enslaved African was released from a Southern Plantation, but more humans toil under bondage and enslavement than at any time in history.

So, we are not on the cusp of a total collapse of the West; even if we are on the cusp of a collapse of the US economy, or a defeat of the US empire in the Middle East.  The West has many more seats of power, and the mentality of the West has infected enough of the non-Western world that Western practices and agendas would carry on long after the last Western State has fully collapsed economically, militarily, and socially.  

I don’t want to discourage you, but you need a proper diagnosis if you are going to implement an effective treatment plan.

So, the best way to prepare for the collapse of the West is to organize to accelerate and direct the collapse of the West.  All of the skills and resources developed and acquired from waging Revolutionary Struggle against Western Oppression are the same skills that will be need to rebuild and sustain the now paradigm that needs to be established after the fall of the West.