Brother D, do you think 9/11 happened the way the government and mainstream media said it did?! Also, why was Iran recently ordered to pay $10 billion to the families of the victims? Why not Saudi Arabia get blamed instead?

No, 9/11 was a False Flag SCAD (State Crime Against Democracy); at least that’s what all of the known evidence and research points to.

The judgement against Iran for 10 billion dollars for 9/11 victims is nothing more than propaganda and deflection from the real issues and perpetrators of 9/11.  The Iranian Government laughed off the judgement, calling it “absurd and ridiculous.”  The judgement is not enforceable or collectible; it has no international legitimacy.  The effort to demonize Iran is connected to the Greater Israel Project and US Imperialism, it’s not really even connected to 9/11.

Saudi Arabia will not be held to blame because the Kingdom is an asset and ally of US Imperialism, and the US protects its assets…until they are of no further use to the Empire.