Seeking Justice from the Unjust, Seeking Humanity from the Inhumane….

The US Government has carried out, or supported (with policies,
weapons, money) genocides across the globe.  From the ongoing Genocide
against the Native Americans, including the Natives of South and Latin
America, to Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Palestine, Haiti, the Congo,
Sudan, Liberia…and the rest of Africa, Canada (yes, there are Natives
in Canada remember?), the Philippines, Europe (yep, not even their
homelands have been spared their Genocidal impulses), and so on.  I’ve
said all this before.

So, it’s shocking to me that Black people are shocked by Police Brutality and Murders. Why are we outraged?

What outraged me is how think we can live peacefully in a nation that’s
carrying out genocide all over the world, all the damn time.  Really,
what makes us think that any level of peace or justice is possible for
Black people in the US?  Do we think a US citizenship makes us special?
That it should give us an exemption?  Do we think that being lawful and
ignoring the government’s genocide across the planet should afford us
justice within the borders of the nations that carry out the genocide?  
What the fuck is the basis for Black people expecting justice and humane
treatment from the US government, or any of its agencies?

honestly don’t understand why we would expect better treatment from this
System than it gives to Black people in Africa, the Caribbean, or
anywhere else in the world.  Is it because so many Blacks have enlisted
in the armed forces to aid this System and loyalty serve this Genocidal

and all of the Integrationist Mass Movements that come before and will
come after have ignored all of this.  They will  not tell our people
that there’s not peace, justice, or humane treatment coming to us until
we dismantle the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination,
and Industrial Capitalism.  They want to integrate into these Systems
and Institutions, while ignoring the fact that service to the empire,
loyalty to the empire will not grant your people any protect from the

I will go as far as to say that we are unworthy of
peace, justice, and humane treatment as long as we ignore and cooperate
with the violence, injustice, and inhumane treatment imposed on the rest
of the world by the empire we hold citizenship within.  

We need Pan-African Revolution not Black Integration.  

We have to begin to understand that these movements and leaders who do
not take the position that we must target Capitalism, Imperlism,
Ecocide, Colonization, and Colonization are not serious about

Those who have us rallying around real problems
like poverty, sexism, mass incarceration, police brutality, health, and
education, but fail to tie them to the larder Systems and Institutions
of Oppression and Exploitation are not serious about justice.

Those who have us fighting about bullshit movements and ideologies like
religious dogmas, Gay Rights, Feminism, Black Nationalist Cultism,
Reptilian Overlords, Illuminati, Black Male Effeminzation (yes, this is
BS too), etc. (way too much bullshit and bullshit movements to bother
listing); those who have us targeting superficial, Integrationist,
horizontal, and irrational issues are not serous about justice and


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