Obama In Africa.

I’ve done all that’s within my power to avoid commenting on Obama’s “historic tour of Africa.”

I wonder if there’ even any value in saying anything critical about
Obama at this point, I’ve been criticizing Obama since he started his
campaign for the Rock House (aka: the White House), and if people
haven’t accepted the reality of who he is and what he’s done/doing; what
more can be said or shown to them?

So, I’m no gonna waste anyone’s time recounting all of the offenses, all of
the hypocrisy, and the insidious agenda Obama is pushing in Africa, why
fucking bother at this point, those who know, know.  Those who don’t
know don’t want to know, they refuse to know.

I will simply say this:

Obama’s contempt for all African people, the African Diaspora, and
mainly his contempt for African citizens in the US; his most loyal
supporters. Obama at his best has show indifference to our plight, at
his worse he has enhanced and advanced the worst forms of Oppression,
Genocide, and Exploitation against us.

Part of the reason for
this contempt, there are many, but they one reason that should stand out
for Black people is: Obama’s contempt for us is rooted in our
uncritical support for him and his Administration.

Whenever you
look at an abusive relationship, it don’t matter if it’s a relationship
between an abusive husband and a victimized wife, or a relationship
between an abusive government and passive citizens; these relationships
always breed contempt in the abuser for the abused.  The contempt
intensifies as the abused show more submission, love, and dependence on
the abuser.

So, as Obama is acting as a Trojan Horse
for White Imperlism in Africa, Cuba, Haiti, the Black Subjects of the
American Empire, and is greeted with parades, and tears of joy and love
by Africans everywhere he goes, just remember; we are feeding his
contempt with our uncritical support.  

I’m not saying Obama
wouldn’t be a willing servant of the Systems and Institutions of White
Domination if we didn’t love and support him the way we do, but at the
very least he wouldn’t be able to do so without our support, which would
grant us some level of dignity and end even earn us some level of
respect from both our enemies and the youth who look up to us.

Oh, but please allow me to give a Shout Out to those dignified and
inelegant Africans, in Africa and the African Diaspora who’ve refused to
be seduced by the presence of a Black man at the helm of the White
Empire.  Those who’ve spoken out and stood up to Empire, even when it
comes draped in Black skin, with a soulful voice.  Yall represent the
best of us, and are the only hope for us all.  Forward.